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1. Roadmap

We will Meet over a Free Zoom Call where I will Explain How Bitcoin and Crypto Works

I will ask you Questions to make a Customized Plan to Hit your Financial Targets within a Specific Amount of Time

2. Implementation

I will Take Control of your Computer and Perform the Full Set Up so you Can Acquire the Bitcoin at the Right Time in the Safest Way

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When adjusted for lowest risk, lowest effort, longest time frame, and highest return - Learning about, buying, and storing Bitcoin in an offline private USB wallet - is the most superior way to build your net worth in a passive “set and forget” investment

2 BTC at 50k (at current prices) could be worth 4-500k in a 5-10 year passive investing timeline

This webpage and anything I say is for informational and entertainment purposes only. We are not giving Legal, Tax, or Financial advice. No financial advice is given. I am only teaching technical details, you make the decision to buy, sell, invest at your own risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Results can and will vary.